Alexandrite Laser (GentleLase )

GentleLase can be use for laser hair removal as well as for treatment of pigmented lesions (dark spots).

Pigmented Lesions:

The laser targets the dark color in the pigmented lesions which causes destruction of the pigment. Dark spots initially turn darker and then shed off after approximately 1 week.


Alexandrite Laser (GentleLase)
Pigmented Lesions                Per Treatment
    Arms                               $350
    Face                                $275
    Hands                              $200
    Neck & Chest                    $325
    Spot                                $150

Hair Removal:

The dark pigment in the hair shaft is targeted and destroyed with this laser. Usually three or more treatments are required at each site to achieve permanent hair growth reduction. Darker hair responds best to the laser, while lighter hair (white, gray, or red) is less responsive

Laser Hair Removal              Per Treatment
    Abdomen                        $100 and up
    Back                               $500
    Beard                             $300
    Bikini                              $200
    Chin                               $100
    Ears                               $100  
    Full Face
      Leg, lower                      $450
    Leg, upper                      $450
    Lip, upper                       $100 
    Neck                               $150   
    Nostrils                           $100
    Sideburns                       $100
    Underarms                     $200







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